We Specialize in the Production of Temporary Fencing, Crowd Control Barriers, and a Wide Range of Additional Safety Solutions.


BMP Fencing Services, a renowned provider in the industry, offers an extensive array of fencing solutions catering to various needs. From construction sites to managing livestock, our range includes robust and versatile fencing options. This article explores the diverse services and products BMP provides, emphasizing their functionality, durability, and compliance with industry standards.

1. Construction Fence:

BMP's construction fences are designed for safety and security on construction sites. These sturdy barriers protect both the site and the public, ensuring a secure perimeter around the construction area.

2. Cattle Panels:

Our cattle panels are essential for livestock management. They are durable and easy to assemble, providing a reliable solution for containing and managing cattle in various settings.

3. Temporary Noise Fence:

These specialized fences are designed to reduce noise pollution in construction and event areas. They are an excellent solution for maintaining peace in noise-sensitive environments.

4. Dog Kennel:

BMP offers high-quality dog kennels, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for pets. These kennels are durable, weather-resistant, and suitable for various breeds.

5. Temporary Pool Fencing:

Our temporary pool fencing ensures safety around swimming pools, particularly crucial for homes with children and pets. These fences are easy to install and dismantle as required.

6. Garrison Fencing:

Garrison fencing provided by BMP is a robust and aesthetically pleasing solution for securing properties. It's ideal for commercial, industrial, and high-security areas.

7. Temporary Fencing:

We specialize in temporary fencing for various applications, including construction sites, events, and emergency areas. These fences offer flexibility, durability, and easy installation.

8. Temporary Fence Hand Rail:

BMP's handrails enhance the safety of temporary fencing, providing additional support and stability, especially in crowded or uneven areas.

9. Shade Cloth:

Our shade cloths are perfect for construction sites and outdoor events, offering protection from the sun and reducing dust and wind.

10. Temporary Fencing Blocks:

These are sturdy and reliable bases for temporary fencing, ensuring stability and safety of the fence structure.

11. Temporary Fencing Clamps:

BMP provides high-strength clamps for securing fence panels, essential for maintaining the integrity of temporary fencing setups.

12. Temporary Fencing Panels:

Our range of temporary fencing panels is varied, catering to different needs and environments, from construction sites to event venues.

13. Crowd Control Barriers:

These barriers are essential for managing crowds at events, demonstrations, or in public spaces, ensuring order and safety.

14. Rubbish Cages:

BMP offers rubbish cages as a part of their fencing solutions, helping maintain cleanliness and organization on sites.


BMP Fencing Services stands out in the industry with its comprehensive range of products tailored for different purposes. From ensuring public safety to managing private properties, our fencing solutions are designed with quality, durability, and versatility in mind. Trust BMP for all your fencing needs, where each product is a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


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