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Temporary Fencing Types -BMP's Comprehensive Guides

 Temporary fencing is a versatile and essential component in many sectors, from construction to event management. Understanding the different types available in countries like the USA, Canada, and Australia is crucial for choosing the right solution for specific needs.

Applications of Temporary Fencing

1. Construction Sites: Temporary fences are a must-have around construction areas. They keep people safe by blocking off dangerous spots and keeping equipment and building materials secure.

2. Events: At big events like concerts or sports games, these fences help manage the crowd. They guide people where to go and keep private areas off-limits.

3. Public Safety: During emergencies or road work, temporary fences are quick to set up and protect people from hazards.

4. Home Use: If you're remodeling your home or building a pool, a temporary fence keeps the area safe and private.

5. Commercial Spaces: Stores and businesses use temporary fences when they need to do work on their property without closing down.

Benefits of Temporary Fencing

Easy to Move and Set Up: One of the best things about temporary fences is that they're really easy to put up, move around, and take down when you're done.

Keeps People Safe: These fences are great at stopping people from walking into areas where they could get hurt.

Stops Trespassing: Temporary fences make a clear boundary that tells people not to enter your space without permission.

Flexible for Different Needs: You can put up as much or as little fencing as you need, and arrange it in whatever shape works best.

Cost-Effective: Using temporary fencing is much cheaper than building a permanent fence, especially when you only need it for a short time.

Privacy: With the right kind of fencing, you can keep prying eyes away from your private event or construction site.

Controls Traffic: During events or on busy sites, these fences guide people and cars to go the right way, keeping everyone organized and moving smoothly.

Types of Temporary Fencing in the USA

Temporary Chain Link Fencing: This is a strong fence that people often use to quickly make a boundary. It's also called a portable or construction fence. This fence has bases that let it stand on its own and you can move it wherever you need it. It's really handy because you can set it up on different types of ground like dirt, stones, blacktop, and cement, all without digging holes. This saves you a lot of hard work. People use this fence to keep places safe and make sure only the right people can get in. You're likely to see chain link fences at places like construction sites, homes, schools, big events like sports or concerts, around pools, and anywhere a lot of people gather or need to line up properly.

Popular Size
Wire Diameter 14gauge,12-1/2 gauge,11gauge
Mesh Opening 2' 'x 2'', 2-1/2'' x 2-1/2'' & 3'' x 3''
Height 4ft,6ft & 8ft
Width 8ft,10ft & 12ft
Frame 1'' , 5/4'',3/2'' & 13/8''
Special size is available
AS4687-2007 standard 2100mm x 2400mm 42 microns zinc layer temporary fencing panels AS4687-2007 standard 2100mm x 2400mm 42 microns zinc layer temporary fencing panels
Temporary Chain Link Fence Samples Temporary Chain Link Fence Stands

Canadian Temporary Fencing Varieties

Canada temporary fencing works great for making safe areas around construction sites, places where accidents happened, city projects, shopping areas, and homes. Fence rental businesses really like them because they're strong, last a long time, and you can move and set them up easily.

Our company has lots of experience in making these fences. We pay attention to every detail to ensure top quality. This means we carefully make the pipe frames, the mesh we weld to the frame, the bases that hold the fence up, and the connectors that keep the panels together.

Popular Size
Wire Diameter 3.5-5mm
Mesh Opening 50x100mm( 2' 'x 2'' )
Height 4ft,6ft & 8ft
Width 8 - 10ft
Frame & Middle bar 20x20mm,25x25mm & 30x30mm
Base 863x89x7mm
Special size is available
AS4687-2007 standard 2100mm x 2400mm 42 microns zinc layer temporary fencing panels AS4687-2007 standard 2100mm x 2400mm 42 microns zinc layer temporary fencing panels
Temporary Fence-Installed Temporary Fence-Sample

Australian Temporary Fencing

The combination of the temporary fence panel in conjunction with the plastic and concrete-filled foot and the galvanised clamp provides a stable, secure and effective and complete temporary fence solution. The temporary fencing panels have a rigid mesh infill, which cannot be easily scaled or climbed and the panels and clamps are fully galvanised, ensuring long life and use.

Popular Size
Wire Diameter 3.00-5.00mm
Mesh Opening 60 x 150mm,50 x 100mm,75x100mm, 75x75mm, 50x50mm & 100 x 300mm
H x W (mm) 2100x2400, 1800x2400, 1800x2500, 2100x2900, 2100x3300
Frame(mm) 25 OD, 32 OD, 38 OD,42 OD, 48 OD
Special size is available
Australian temp fence after installed  Australian temporary fencing brace
AS4687-2007 standard 2100mm x 2400mm 42 microns zinc layer temporary fencing panels AS4687-2007 standard 2100mm x 2400mm 42 microns zinc layer temporary fencing panels

Temporary Fencing Bases:

These are plastic stands for temporary fences, made from a strong type of plastic called polypropylene. You can pick from colors like orange, red, blue, or yellow. They have holes to fit fence posts of sizes 32mm, 40mm, or 60mm. The bases come in three sizes: 560x245x130mm, 600x220x150mm, and 600x220x100mm.

temporary fencing manufacturers 9 temporary fencing manufacturers 10 temporary fencing manufacturers 11 ​temporary metal fence 12

Temporary Fencing Clamps:

These are strong clamps used to keep temporary fence panels together. They can handle a lot of pressure without letting go. The clamps are dipped in hot zinc to make them tough and rust-resistant, following the standards set in Australia.

temporary fencing manufacturers 6 temporary fencing manufacturers 7 temporary fencing manufacturers 8

Temporary Fencing Braces:

These are the support rods that keep the fence panels upright and steady. Usually, you would use one brace for every three to five panels. Each brace needs one clamp to connect it and one to three bases to stand on. The diameter of the brace is the same as the diameter of the fence frame it's supporting.

1530mm bracing 1830mm bracing
​temporary metal fence 17 ​temporary metal fence 18


Comparison of Temporary Fencing Styles

Materials Used:

  • In America, people like using round pipes with chain link patterns for their temporary fences.
  • Canadians go for square pipes with wire mesh welded right onto them.
  • Australians prefer round pipes that are welded to a wire mesh too.

Safety Standards:

  • Every country has its own rules for making sure fences are safe and well-made. For example, in Australia, temporary fences usually follow a specific rule called AS 4687-2007.

Making It Your Own:

  • In Australia, you can get your temporary fences made just the way you want them, with your own colors and logos, and they can be made to fit exactly where you need them. In the USA and Canada, fences are usually more one-size-fits-all.

Easy-to-Understand Answers About Temporary Fencing

Fixing Damaged Galvanizing

Q: What do I do if the galvanized coating is cut or scratched? A: You can fix it with special paints that have zinc in them or by spraying zinc on it. Another way is to use a solder that's made with zinc.

Painting Over Galvanized Material

Q: Can I paint over galvanized metal? A: Sure, you can paint it. Just make sure to use the right kind of paints that stick well to galvanized surfaces.

Weight Changes with Galvanizing

Q: Does galvanizing with hot dip make my metal heavier? A: Yes, it makes it a bit heavier. The zinc coating can add about 10% more weight.

Making Custom Fences

Q: Can your company make Temporary Fencing that are different from the usual sizes or styles? A: Absolutely, we can make fences just the way you need them.

Warranty Offered

Q: How long will your fences last, and what kind of warranty do you offer? A: Our fences should last at least 20 years. We usually give a warranty that covers 3 to 5 years.

Time Taken for Delivery

Q: How long does it take for you to deliver the fences? A: Usually, it takes about 30 days, but it can be quicker or slower depending on how many you need.

About Our Company

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Temporary fencing solutions vary significantly across different countries, reflecting unique environmental, regulatory, and industry-specific needs. From the chain link fences prevalent in the USA to the hoarding fences common in Australia, each type serves a specific purpose. Knowing these differences helps you pick the perfect fence for your needs, whether it's for keeping things safe, making sure things are secure, or managing where crowds go.

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