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  • Temporary Fence Blocks: Australian Standard MPA425 concrete
  • Temporary Fence Blocks: Australian Standard MPA425 concrete
  • Temporary Fence Blocks: Australian Standard MPA425 concrete
  • Temporary Fence Blocks: Australian Standard MPA425 concrete
Temporary Fence Blocks: Australian Standard MPA425 concrete Temporary Fence Blocks: Australian Standard MPA425 concrete Temporary Fence Blocks: Australian Standard MPA425 concrete Temporary Fence Blocks: Australian Standard MPA425 concrete

Temporary Fence Blocks: Australian Standard MPA425 concrete

  • Product No.:202434144515
  • Price:9.33-59.55$ per
  • MOQ:250 kits
  • UV treated:10
  • Colors:RAL
  • Production Time:14 days
  • Packing:Metal pallet wrapped with plastic film
  • Wire Diameter:2.5mm /2.7mm /3.00mm /4.00mm
  • Tubes Option:25mm 28mm 30mm 32mm 41.2mm
  • Mesh:60mmx150mm
  • Standard:AS4687-2007
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BMP co actual blow molding temporary fence block manufacturer. We sell temporary fencing blocks not only overseas but also to domestic fence manufacturers and trading companies. Maybe you temporary fencing supplier such as XIANG YUAN also named YUELEI /PREMIUM Fence and XIANGMING, FANSI and so on.

Direct Factory

BMP stands out among HDPE temporary fence block manufacturers because:

  • We make HDPE temporary fence feet and know exactly what you need for real-life installations.
  • Our own blow molding process can adjust to any center distance and hole size from 25mm to 60mm, fitting temporary fencing posts of sizes like 80mm, 90mm, and 100mm.
  • If you order from us, even a trial order of 870 pieces at a minimum weight of 1.25kg, you can customize with your logo and business name on the fence base for free, because we value our customers.
  • We make sure all the burrs inside and outside the holes are cleaned for a professional look.
  • We use the highest quality HDPE with extra UV protection and BHT powder to prevent color fading.
  • Last year, our solid R&D efforts led to a patented temporary fence base designed specifically for Australian customers.

Quality Note on Temporary Fence Base/Block/Feet:

  • In China, only a few companies, about 2-3, produce temporary fence blocks, and BMP is one of them. Many sellers from other companies might not understand the quality control and technical aspects, selling second-grade HDPE materials and bases with faded colors, which can harm your business.
  • It's important to know the difference between injection molding and blow molding for temporary fence blocks. Injection molding bases measure 560x240x130mm, while blow molding bases are 610x230x150mm. Since both types are made with molds, each product size is consistent, ensuring uniformity for your fencing needs.

Two Moulding Temporary Fence Block

temporary fence block for sale blow tooling injection tooling fence block for sale
1. Blow Moulding Plastic Base 2. Injection Moulding Plastic Base

Why buy a temporary fence block from You?


Chemical UV powder Added

Our Temporary Fence Block Compare with Others. The difference is in the quality control of fading. Many manufacturers sell the fading products last two or three months to Australian customers because they do not know the composition of the base. UV is an essential part of the base composition. High-quality anti-UV formula, UV absorbent 2002, UV UV-p, UV absorbent UV-531 as well BHT2, 6-di-buty1-4-methyl phenol yellow UV; Temporary fence feet material: Adopt bright and pure master color granules, high-density polyethylene HDPE 5502.

physical parameters

The temp fence feet have good mechanical properties; The tensile strength is more than 50 mph, The tensile strength is 500 kg/cm. The Impact is to hold more than 50 j/m, bending elasticity of 24000 kg/cm, the load winding temperature more than 100 ℃, hardness, Perfect aging. You can choose the weight of the temporary fence base to match what you need. We offer weights ranging from 0.9kg, 1.0kg, 1.1kg, and 1.2kg to even 1.5kg. This means you can pick the perfect weight for your specific situation.

Hole Types

Australian Temporary fence Block dimensions are mounted 32/38/40/42/48/50mm long tubes (various diameter details). According to the requirements of customers filling cement and iron tray packaging, Iron tray packaging in line with the Australian export standard without inspection, without fumigation, can make the goods clear customs smoothly solve the worries of export enterprises.
In all, when Australian customers choose temporary fencing again, please discuss it with the supplier carefully.
Standard Fence Block
Length 600mm
Width 220mm
Height 150mm
Empty Weight options 0.90kg /1.0kg/1.2kg/1.4kg/2.00kg
Packing Metal pallet wrapped with plastic film
Feature parallel hole 25mm 28mm 42mm 38mm 40mm 42mm 48mm and so on
Materials HDPE
Temporary Fence Block 2 Temporary Fence Block 3 Temporary Fence Block 4 Temporary Fence Block 5


  1. Construction Sites: They provide a secure barrier to protect both the public and construction workers, keeping unauthorized persons out of dangerous areas and reducing liability.

  2. Event Fencing: For concerts, festivals, sports events, and public gatherings, temporary fence blocks can create perimeters, control crowds, and designate specific areas like VIP sections.

  3. Emergency and Disaster Zones: In situations like fires, floods, or other emergencies, these blocks are used to secure the area, keeping people out of harm's way and marking safe zones.

  4. Resource and Infrastructure Protection: They protect resources and infrastructure projects like water treatment plants, electrical substations, and mining operations, ensuring safety and security.

  5. Residential Projects: During home renovations or pool installations, temporary fence blocks provide privacy and security, keeping children and pets safe.

  6. Retail and Commercial Use: For businesses undergoing renovations or hosting special outdoor events, these fences can help manage the flow of people and secure the area.

  7. Agricultural and Land Management: They can be used to create temporary paddocks, manage livestock during events, or during periods of farm restructuring.

  8. Public Safety and Security: For public safety measures, such as during large public demonstrations or to secure hazardous areas temporarily.


Australian temporary fencing blocks are tough, flexible, and perfect for many situations. They keep construction sites safe, manage crowds at events, and protect areas during emergencies. They are also great for home projects, protecting resources, and even helping with farm management. Their design makes them easy to set up and move, fitting different post sizes and conditions. Plus, they last long against harsh weather, thanks to special materials that prevent fading. In short, these fencing blocks are a top choice for safety and security needs in Australia.