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  • Used Temporary Fencing Brisbane:  Safety and Order
  • Used Temporary Fencing Brisbane:  Safety and Order
  • Used Temporary Fencing Brisbane:  Safety and Order
  • Used Temporary Fencing Brisbane:  Safety and Order
Used Temporary Fencing Brisbane:  Safety and Order Used Temporary Fencing Brisbane:  Safety and Order Used Temporary Fencing Brisbane:  Safety and Order Used Temporary Fencing Brisbane:  Safety and Order

Used Temporary Fencing Brisbane: Safety and Order

  • Product No.:202434151329
  • Price:12.33-59.55$ per kits
  • HS code:7314490000
  • MOQ:100 kits
  • UV treated:UV 10
  • Colors:RAL
  • Production Time:14 days
  • Packing:Metal pallet wrapped with plastic film
  • Wire Diameter:2.5mm /2.7mm /3.00mm /4.00mm
  • Tubes Option:25mm 28mm 30mm 32mm 41.2mm
  • Mesh:60mmx150mm
  • Standard:AS4687-2007
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When you're looking for used temporary fencing for sale in Brisbane, think about getting a full new set in a 20gp or 40hc container directly from us. We create and supply temporary fences used worldwide.

Buying used temporary fencing in Brisbane may seem like a cost-effective choice at first, but it comes with several disadvantages:

  1. Wear and Tear: Used fencing has likely been through multiple installations and removals, leading to wear and tear. This can result in bent frames, broken welds, and weakened mesh.

  2. Shorter Lifespan: Due to the existing wear and tear, used fencing may not last as long as new fencing, requiring replacement sooner and potentially increasing long-term costs.

  3. Inconsistent Quality: The quality of used fencing can vary widely, with no guarantee that the fencing you purchase will meet your specific needs or standards.

  4. Color Fading: Used fencing often has faded colors due to prolonged exposure to the sun and elements, making it less visually appealing and harder to match with additional fencing.

  5. Missing or Damaged Parts: There's a risk of missing or damaged accessories, like bases and clamps, which are crucial for proper installation and stability.

  6. Lack of Warranty: Used fencing typically does not come with a warranty, leaving you without recourse if issues arise after purchase.

  7. Safety Concerns: Damaged or worn-out fencing poses safety risks, particularly in high-traffic areas or at events with large crowds.

  8. Compliance Issues: There's no guarantee that used fencing complies with current safety and quality standards, which could lead to compliance issues.

Applications Used temporary fencing brisbane

You can reuse or rent out these fences. They serve as temporary barriers for safety isolation, road guiding, and maintaining order during municipal works, engineering construction, big gatherings, festivals, or sports events.

Why Consider New Temporary Fencing Rather than used temporary fencing brisbane:

  • Quality Control: Color fading in used fencing often happens because they didn't use the right Australian Made Color Master Batch. Despite adding UV powder, the color still fades. We use a high-quality anti-UV formula to prevent this.
  • Customization: You can choose the weight of the fence base to fit your needs, from 0.9kg up to 1.5kg, and we accept other custom requests.
  • Durability: Our temporary fence feet are made with HDPE5502, offering great mechanical properties, high tensile strength, and excellent aging resistance. This means your fencing will last longer and stay stronger.

Fence Blocks Types

Blow Moulding Plastic Base Injection Moulding Plastic Base
1. Blow Moulding Plastic Base 2. Injection Moulding Plastic Base

Specifications for used temporary fencing brisbane:

Component Specification
Welded Mesh Mesh size: 50x50mm, 50x150mm, 60x150mm, 100x200mm
Wire Diameter 2.8mm-4.0mm
Mesh Width 2.1m, 2.4m, 3.0m
Frame Pipe Size Ø25mm-48mm, black pipe or galvanized pipe
Wall Thickness 1.2mm-2.5mm
Whole Height 1.8m, 2.1m
Accessories Plastic base, iron base, regular fence accessories, clips

Benefits of Buying New Temporary Fencing:

  • Consistent Quality: With new fencing, you get consistent, reliable quality without the worry of wear and tear or fading.
  • Customization: Tailor your fencing to your exact needs, from mesh size to base weight.
  • Durability and Strength: Our fencing is designed to withstand harsh conditions and provide strong, reliable barriers.
  • Ease of Clearance: Our packaging meets Australian export standards, making customs clearance smooth and hassle-free.

used temporary fence for sale brisbane


In conclusion, while searching for "used temporary fencing for sale Brisbane" might seem like a budget-friendly option, consider the long-term benefits and reliability of purchasing new temporary fencing directly from a manufacturer like us. You'll get customizable, high-quality fencing that meets Australian standards, ensuring your temporary fencing serves its purpose effectively and lasts longer.